The Challenges of Old Furniture Removal

Having an old  piece of furniture doesn’t mean that it’s junk. It could be an antique, family heirloom, or even a piece that you’ve outgrown the need for. No matter what reason you have to get rid of the furniture, you might want to hire a professional company that picks up old furniture like Junk Masters. Here’s how our services can help when you need old furniture removal.

Donation services by Junk Masters

Why Hire a Professional?

When you think about it, handling old furniture removal on your own is a lot of work. Not only do you have to get it out the door, but then you’re stuck hauling it to a disposal facility. Junk Masters saves you time and effort with the knowledge that your unwanted furniture will get a second chance. Since we donate items every day, we know exactly where to take valuable antique items and those that still have life left in them. Since we’re full-service, we even handle every detail from beginning to end.

Responsible Old Furniture Removal

Hiring Junk Masters means that your old furniture always gets disposed of properly. Whether that means going to a landfill after old bed removal or donating your old couch removal item to a local charity, we save you the hassle of finding the right place for the job.

We are experienced and familiar with all local regulations for safe disposal. Since preserving our environment is a top priority, we even take apart your unwanted items if there is anything recyclable.

How Full-Service Saves You Time

From old mattress removal to taking a vintage vanity, we take care of you every step of the way. We’re sensitive to the fact that it might be emotional when we haul away old furniture, so our team is always compassionate and professional.

  • After we look at what needs to go, we’ll offer an upfront quote. There’s never any cost or obligation.
  • With your approval, we can get started. Our team takes care not to damage the furniture or your property.
  • After we load, we’ll sweep up the area before heading out. It’s that simple!

Old Furniture Removal Near You

Old and broken furniture removal is available near you! We’re owned and operated in Eden Prairie, serving the Twin Cities Metro area. Are you ready to schedule old sofa removal and more? We make sure to find an appointment that fits in with your busy schedule. Call us to discuss your old furniture removal today!