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Got a messy basement? Need it tidied up? Perhaps more than any other part of the house, the basement is known to be a cluttered place. All sorts of things get stored in the basement, and sometimes, they stay there for years—or decades! With basement clean outs from Junk Masters, you can get your basement shipshape again. So don’t delay—call today!

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What’s great about our full-service basement clean outs is that you’re not expected to do a thing. Our talented team handles everything that comes their way—all the hauling, all the tidying, all the maneuvering. What’s more, we’ve got a “laser focus” on your needs, since you’re our valued customer. You won’t find a team like this from a “big box” business. 

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Why Basement Clean Outs?

There are many reasons why you might want our basement clean out services. Basements, in particular, are popular choices for renovations, so if you’re looking to spruce things up in your home, you might want to empty your basement out first. In addition, basements are known to become cluttered fast with stored goods. So, if your basement has gotten out of control over the years, then what we have to offer might be a great fit for you! No matter the reason for your basement clean out, you can count on Junk Masters to get the job done right.

How It Works

When Junk Masters comes to your home to sort out your basement, you’ll know things will get sorted out quickly. That’s because we work efficiently to maximize the amount of work we get done per hour. So forget these guys off Craigslist who stop every twenty minutes for a cigarette—we’re here to get it done! We’ll start sorting through the belongings in your basement, using your guidance to determine what’s good to keep and what’s good to go. Anything that goes to our truck will be recycled or donated if at all possible. Before too long, your basement will be as clean as clean can be.

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The cost of our services is calculated according to how much room your junk takes up in our truck. So, for your basement junk removal, the price will depend on how much of those old belongings and junk we take away with us. You can count on a fair and reasonable price for any of our services in any of our service areas every time! What’s more, we will always give you an upfront quote so you know what you’re paying before we even start to work. Once you’ve accepted our quote, that price is locked in. No hidden charges!


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