Junk Removal

by Junk Masters

Junk Masters provides the services you need for Wayzata junk removal! We’re a local crew of junk removal experts serving the residents and business owners of your community! When you need to clear out space and get rid of junk, you need Junk Masters!

Junk Masters Junk Removal


Start to Finish!

As a full-service junk removal company, we’re prepared to take care of every detail for you.

  • Assess. First, we’ll take a look and make a plan to safely remove all unwanted items.
  • Remove. Then our crew will remove items from anywhere in your home or business.
  • Load. Once we’ve got everything loaded, we’ll double-check to be sure we got it all.
  • Haul. Finally, we’ll take all items to be donated, recycled, or properly disposed of.
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Junk Masters Truck

What We Do

Junk Masters gets rid of your unwanted junk, scraps, and trash in Wayzata!

We also provide commercial services to help business owners get rid of office furniture and junk. Our cleanout services also help realtors and managers maintain properties!

Eco-Friendly Services

We’ve made it a priority to reduce disposable waste in our community! So while we’re helping you get rid of old junk, we’re also making the extra effort to protect our environment. Here’s how.

  • Donations. Whether your entire pickup is for donation or we have to pick items out of the pile, we’ll make sure usable items are donated to a charity in our Twin Cities service area.
  • Recycling. Then our crew will sort out scraps and materials that can be recycled. We’ll deliver those things to an appropriate facility for processing.
  • Responsible Disposal. Once we’ve taken all possible steps to reduce waste, then we’ll safely dispose of the remaining items.

No matter what, you won’t have to worry about any of this. Junk Masters will take care of all these details!

Junk Masters team members loading a truck
Junk Masters junk removal expert with a satisfied customer

Honest Pricing

You should never have to worry about the cost of junk removal in Wayzata, MN. That’s why Junk Masters makes sure you know exactly what to expect!

  • Text Estimates. Need a ballpark price before you proceed? Text us for more info!
  • In-Person Quotes. Once we’ve seen the items, we’ll give you a firm quote.
  • Volume Based. Our pricing is based upon the space your items occupy in our truck.
  • No Surprises. We give you all pricing before we begin and we never tack on extra charges!

Let’s Get Started!

Schedule your Wayzata junk removal appointment now!

Use our convenient online booking system anytime to grab your appointment. Just pick the day and time that work for you and we’ll be there!

You can also call (612) 516-5865 and speak with a pro. We’ll be happy to go over things with you and schedule an appointment to fit your junk removal needs.

Ready to get started? Junk Masters is ready to haul!

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

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