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Nobody likes hauling furniture during their free time. Unfortunately, there will come times when you need to move around sofas, dressers, tables, and more. Talk about frustrating. Well, you don’t have to resign yourself to a day of excruciating work. Instead, get in touch with Junk Masters for the full-service furniture removal you need today!

Furniture Removal


Quality Junk Removal Services You Can Trust

With Junk Masters, you don’t have to even break a sweat when it comes to furniture removal. As your local residential junk removal and furniture removal company, we can handle all the work for you, so kick back and enjoy the show. Doesn’t matter if that furniture is downstairs or upstairs. We can haul it all. Dressers, wardrobes, beds… the list goes on. Count on your neighborhood junk removal company to get the job done for you. You won’t regret it!

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Furniture Items We Remove

  • Mattresses

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Bookshelves

  • Box Springs

  • Love Seats

  • Sofas

  • Cabinets

  • Desks

  • And More!

  • Beds

  • Hutches

  • Dressers

  • Sleeper Sofas

Junk Masters Junk Removal

Scheduling an Appointment

To start scheduling your furniture removal with us, pick up your phone and give us a phone call. Alternatively, you can book online. Either way, the results are the same. You’ll soon connect with one of our employees, who’ll ask for more details about what you need.

Convenient For You

During our first conversations, we’d be happy to provide you with a convenient cost estimate. Then, you can choose a day for your appointment. If you need an appointment urgently, you can even choose from same-day and next-day availability.

During Your Appointment

On your appointment day, we’ll roll up out front, ready to do some hard work for you. We always show up on time and with the right mindset for the job. We also maintain a professional appearance with matching uniforms.

Upfront Quotes

After we see the furniture you want gone, we’ll be able to prepare an upfront quote for your approval. Are you feeling comfortable with the price? If so, give us the go-ahead, and we’ll haul that furniture into our truck right away. Quick and simple!

Junk Masters team members loading a truck
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Sometimes, you want furniture gone, even if it’s not in an unusable state. The good news is that we don’t necessarily have to throw away something that’s still perfectly good. In fact, we’re willing to go through the donation process for you.

By donating your lightly used furniture to a local charity, we can reduce waste and make a difference for someone in need. What’s more, we’ll even get the write-off back to you to save you a little bit of money come tax season.