Free Junk Removal in Minneapolis–What Are Your Options?

There are several options for free junk removal in Minneapolis, MN.

From public services to private charities, here’s the information you need to make the best choice when you need to get rid of usable items, household junk, and outdoor debris.

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Donation Centers

When looking for free junk removal in Minneapolis, your first thought might be to donate your unwanted items. We’ve gathered some information about a few local charities that might be able to help you and the pros and cons of each option.

  • The Salvation Army. Donating items to The Salvation Army Thrift Store raises funds to fund adult rehab centers in the community. They accept many household items, but you should be aware that not all items are accepted. They cannot take items that are damaged, stained, or have pet hair. In some cases, donation pickup can be arranged, but items that require special handling require advanced notice and labor that may or may not be available. If you have a truck and strong backs for loading, then delivering your items may be a viable option for free furniture removal in Minneapolis.
  • DAV of Minnesota. The Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota accepts clothing and household items to support injured Veterans. There are different drop-off locations in the community. If you need your donation to be picked up, you can inquire about the next time they’ll be in your area. They visit most neighborhoods once every 6-9 weeks. Please note that they do not accept furniture.
  • Other Donation Options. There are other charities and thrift stores in the Minneapolis area that might accept your unwanted items. These include Goodwill as well as different churches in the area. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to sort through items beforehand to ensure that all items meet donation criteria.

Public Services

The City of Minneapolis offers garbage and recycling services for residents and businesses throughout the city. In addition to weekly routine pickups, they offer these services.

  • Large Item Collection. The city will collect up to 2 bulky items per week. You must haul these items to the curb by the appointed time, label them appropriately, and ensure that you’ve included no prohibited items. Items with recyclable parts will only be picked up on recycling days. Be aware that crews are running behind and your items may remain on the curb longer than expected.
  • Yard Waste Pickup. While yard waste collection is part of the city services you pay for, there are strict requirements for pickup. Materials must be in approved containers, bundled properly, and not weigh more than 40 pounds. Many communities are experiencing less frequent pickups due to staff shortages, so be sure to check before hauling waste to the curb.

Perks of Hiring a Pro

If you’ve exhausted your options for free junk removal in Minneapolis and would like to speak with a pro about fast and reliable junk pickup, then consider Junk Masters. We make junk removal easy in Minneapolis.

  • Fast Appointments. We’ll set you up with a 2-hour arrival window and be there on time.
  • Full-Service. Show us what goes and we’ll do the lifting, moving, and loading.
  • Fair Prices. You’ll get a clear quote before we begin and our charges are affordable.
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Call 612-516-5865 to speak with one of our junk removal experts. If you’re ready to get on the schedule, then you can book online any time!