Donating Used Goods in Minnesota

With Junk Masters

Donation pick up is a big deal, because when your lightly used belongings are passed along, someone in need benefits from it. So, not only do you reclaim space around the house, someone else gets their hands on the household items they need. Learn more about how Junk Masters teams up with you to help the community below!

Donation services by Junk Masters

Junk Masters and Donation Pick Up

As your local provider of junk removal services, we wind up with all kinds of unwanted belongings. However, we don’t just dump it all at the landfill without a second thought. For one, we do what we can to recycle any materials such as metal, plastic, and cardboard. More importantly, though, we also strive to donate lightly used items that we gather while out on the job. We think that donation pick up is a big deal—not only do we reduce waste, but we actively help someone who could use these items, too.

About Bridging Donation Center

Among the best charities to donate to is Bridging, a local donation center and our favorite place to bring any and all charitable contributions. Bridging has been “furnishing homes with hope” since 1987, and we provide what we can to make sure their doors stay open for years to come.

Bridging - Partner

However, not all collected items are applicable for donation. Just any old box filled with knick-knacks and what-have-you isn’t going to cut it. Instead, items we focus on donating to Bridging include:

  • Blankets
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Kitchenware
  • Household goods

Additionally, larger items, such as household furniture, make excellent donations. So when you call on us to haul away an old dresser, table, or other piece of furniture, chances are, your appointment is doubling as a furniture donation pick up!

Helping Your Community with Our Donation Pick Up Services

Making donations through Junk Masters is a fantastic way to both clear up space around the house as well as pass along your unwanted belongings to someone who direly needs them. Our donation pick up services allow you to make donations without worrying about transporting the items or any other hassles. Serve your community without the time commitment!

Here’s how to book your donation pick up services:

  1. To begin, book online or call us to schedule your appointment.
  2. On your appointment day, expect our courtesy call before our imminent arrival.
  3. We’ll say hello, then load up all the items you’d like to donate.
  4. Lastly, we’re off to take them to Bridging. Thanks for your contributions!

After our departure, we’ll deliver the items and collect a tax write-off. That tax write-off winds back up in your hands, so when it’s time to do your taxes, you can save a bit of cash. Seems like you got a little kickback from your generosity as well…guess it’s a win-win!

Do More with Junk Masters

We’re excited to get in touch with you and pick up your donatable goods! In addition, we’d also love to help you with your junk removal needs. So, if you’ve got a garage, a home, or a business that’s become cluttered with junk, you know who to call on.

Furthermore, we invite you to read more of our blog for more articles like this one. Learn more about what we do and how we do it!

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