Where to Dispose of Junk in Eden Prairie – All Options Explored

Having loads of various types of junk in your Eden Prairie home or business can bring many challenges. Firstly, if you have rapidly-accumulating junk, it can be stressful to even think of where to begin. At the same time, where to dispose of junk in Eden Prairie can be unclear and ambiguous. While it’s quick and easy to simply dump junk into a dumpster, there are far better, more eco-friendly methods to consider. If you’re interested in learning more about the greatest ways of getting rid of junk in Eden Prairie, keep reading!

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Donation Centers

When initially asking yourself, “where can I take my junk in Eden Prairie,” first consider your junk items and the condition they’re in. Are they furniture, electronic, or other home items? If so, there’s a good chance they’re fit to be donated! As long as your items are in a usable condition or have any value, you should think about taking them to a local donation center. Keep in mind, however, that there is a chance that your junk won’t be accepted.

  • The Prop Shop

    • Centrally located in Eden Prairie, The Prop Shop is a local nonprofit resale store accepting furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items. This company gives back by putting proceeds towards socks, underwear, blankets, towels, and more for families in need in Eden Prairie. Although they accept furniture, what they accept is based on what’s in stock in-store at the moment. However, you can give them a call in advance explaining what you have to clarify if they’ll take it!
  • PROP

    • If you have any unneeded pantry or household items, donating to PROP (People Reaching out to People) is your best bet. Just down the street of The Prop Shop, PROP is another non-profit organization helping the local community suffering from food insecurity and poverty. Even though the company is food-focused, you can check out other items they need here or call the business to see if they can use your junk.

Yard Waste Disposal

  • Eden Prairie Yard Waste Site

    • In the compact city of Eden Prairie, there’s one site for getting rid of yard debris. Eden Prairie residents and business owners are free to drop off any branches, lawn clippings, leaves, and other landscaping waste at no cost Friday-Sunday. In order to dump your yard debris at the Eden Prairie Yard Waste Site, you must separate any different types of debris to ensure everything is processed properly. If you’re looking for alternate yard waste disposal sites, check out more options in Hennepin County here.
  • Composting

    • Possibly the most convenient way to get rid of yard debris is to compost right in your backyard! Composting is highly advantageous because it keeps your household waste to a minimum while producing nutrient-rich soil. Start your backyard bin by piling yard waste like twigs and dry leaves. You can also add organic food scraps to the pile, as long as you’re aware of what not to compost (like meat and dairy). Read more about home composting here!


Another important aspect to consider when questioning where to dispose of junk in Eden Prairie is whether your junk is recyclable. From bulk items like appliances and furniture to plastic and paper waste, more items than you know can be broken down and recycled! In Eden Prairie, weekly garbage pick-up services are required to accept any paper, cartons, glass, plastic, and metal cans for recycling. However, any scrap metal, wood, and other recyclables are up to you to recycle independently. Although they’re not in Eden Prairie, here are your choices for recycling drop-off centers.

  • South Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-Off Center

    • This center is located in Bloomington, a quick 17 minute drive from Eden Prairie. A wide array of junk is accepted–to name a few, appliances, electronics, mattresses, cardboard, and even needles are fair game. Located at 1400 West 96th Street Bloomington, MN 55431, the facility charges minimal fees based on the type of item. To learn more, check out the brochure here!
  • Hennepin County Recycling Center and Transfer Station

    • As the other Hennepin County Recycling center, the same rules apply as the South Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-Off Center. This particular center is located in Brooklyn Park at 8100 Jefferson Highway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445. If this site is more convenient to you, use Hennepin County Recycling Center and Transfer Station to recycle that junk.

Your Trusted Junk Professionals

Above all else, booking a reliable full-service junk hauler is the quickest way of getting rid of junk in Eden Prairie. Companies like Junk Masters have been getting rid of junk locally for years, so they know the ins and outs of responsible waste disposal. Outside of answering the question of where to get rid of junk in Eden Prairie, a team of pros like ours will get your job done easily and on your time. That saves you from the trouble of hauling junk, as well as contributes to eco-friendly waste management practices in your neighborhood!

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