Mitch Harrison
Mitch HarrisonFounder, CEO
Hometown: Minnetonka, MN
Hobbies: DIY projects/home remodeling, water skiing/boating, sewing, woodworking, walking my dog, and spending time with family and friends.
Why Junk Masters: I have lived in the Minnetonka area most of my life and was looking for an opportunity to be more active in the community. I have always enjoyed DIY projects and home remodels. At one point after remodeling my kitchen, I was left with old appliances and piles of construction debris. After having a hard time finding an affordable, local service that would recycle or dispose of everything in an environmentally friendly way, I started Junk Masters.
Now Hiring

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Junk levels are on the rise – and so are the jobs! To keep up with the exploding demand for eco-friendly junk removal, Junk Masters is accepting applications to join the team.

As a locally owned and operated business, Junk Masters offers rewarding career opportunities for Twin Cities residents. We don’t have any franchise overhead, which means we can offer better wages for our employees. Being independent allows us to stay innovative and responsive to the local market. Best of all, working for a local company means our tax dollars stay in the community, which generates long-term economic prosperity.

Junk Masters is the ideal launch pad for your personal and professional goals. We support a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible scheduling and promote a physically active lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a temporary source of income or a permanent career, we welcome you to apply.