Can it be Free to Get Rid of Old Exercise Equipment?junk masters hauling junk

Let’s face it, Minnetonka. We’re an improving class of living beings. There’s always going to be a new and better model of something because renovating and renewing is what keeps things useful! The same goes for our exercise equipment. Junk Masters is certainly familiar with consumer needs. We know why we occasionally have to toss things out. Read on and we’ll walk you through your options on how to get rid of old exercise equipment in Minnetonka, M.N.

If you’ve had your treadmill for over three years now, you’re likely looking to replace it with a newer version. Or possibly you’ve got some dysfunctional equipment that’s no longer covered by a warranty. The only thing you can do with it is get rid of it. Getting rid of exercise equipment can be simple or it can be hard, but unfortunately, it won’t be free no matter how you go about it. Whether it’s a small convenience fee or a practical service cost, you’ll spend a dollar to get rid of that exercise bike.

Like most things, there are better ways to go about exercise equipment removal than others. Options like community recycling centers, commercial facilities, or hauling services are all available to you. Your choice will depend on your need for assistance and your ability to haul and transport the exercise equipment yourself. Or the amount of money you’re willing to spend on saying goodbye to the dusty treadmill in the corner of your living room.

Get Rid of Old Exercise Equipment by DIY

Moving the exercise equipment is going to be the first difficult task in getting it out of your home when DIY. Treadmills can weigh over 350 pounds! That’s a two-person job if you’re looking to move it safely. Carrying machines through a house safely is important because you wouldn’t want to incur any additional costs just to repair damaged walls, scraped paint or wallpaper, or chipped wood. Not to mention physical injury. It’s not just about moving something heavy it’s about working smart to make fitness equipment removal efficient!

In Minnetonka, M.N., exercise equipment is not considered regular trash. So you can’t just put it out on the curb when you’re ready. And doing so will cost you! With exercise equipment removal, it’s either the service comes to you, or you get the item to the service. Machines aren’t trash and their parts can be salvaged or the entire item can still be useful. So, it requires a third party to get involved in the disposal process.

Facilities to Consider

Did you know there are actually only two days a year that you can drop off exercise equipment at a recycling facility for low cost? At Minnetonka Public Works residents can drop off specialty items that are refuse. You can bring washers, ovens, air conditioners, and more. But, if you consider this option, it’s best to call ahead. They don’t specify acceptations for exercise equipment removal. And you’ll also want to find out exactly how much it’s going to cost to go with this option. It’s a pretty big community event. It’ll just take some effort lugging machines off of your property, into your vehicle, and back out again.

Without all the right lifting equipment and safety tools, transporting equipment to a recycling facility can be dangerous. Not to mention, that if you’re ready to put out your lift set and dumbells today or tomorrow, the two days a year aren’t really convenient at all. It’s a considerable limitation on your task.

Other options to get rid of old exercise equipment are going with commercial recycling centers or charities. Commercial recycling centers like Buckingham Companies will certainly take large equipment. Treadmills, lift sets, ellipticals. All of these are acceptable at a cost to you. Unfortunately, just like community centers, they don’t do pick-ups. So, you’re still going to have to haul it to your vehicle (hopefully it fits) and drive it down there. Moreover, the cost is not specified and can change at any time. And if you don’t own a vehicle big enough to transport the equipment, you’re looking at either renting or asking a friend to loan their vehicle.

Charities will usually only take items if they’re still in good condition. And donation is always a plus and a beneficial way to get rid of things you no longer need. Surprisingly, though, it can be difficult to find a charity that will take large household items! Even brand-named companies like Goodwill don’t accept large objects, making fitness equipment removal seem impossible. Going with a charity will require some shopping around!

Two Definite Options for Exercise Equipment Removal

Try these ways to get rid of old exercise equipment if all else fails. Go with a junk hauling service, like Junk Masters. Or make a special request with the city of Minnetonka. Contacting the city, you’ll learn the specific and best way to dispose of anything in your household.

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With Junk Masters, you’ll get convenience for the cost of removing your equipment. Because our crew will come to you and safely remove the machine from your home. You won’t have to lift anything. And of course we’ll handle the disposal. Meaning we’ll transport it to the center that will accept it and we’ll take on that cost for you. All you have to do is wave goodbye to the old exercise machine!

Remember, it’s not reasonable to put exercise equipment out on the street for disposal because it’s not trash. There are some cost-efficient ways to go about it, but none of them are free. You can call Junk Masters today at (612) 516-5865 to set up an easy removal service or to learn more about the process of fitness equipment removal.