How Much Should Junk Removal Cost?

Sometimes, people have an abundance of junk, and they need help to get rid of it. Maybe they have amassed so much junk that the weekly trash pickup service refuses to take it all. Or, perhaps these items are so heavy and difficult to lift that your ordinary person can’t remove them from their property alone. For these reasons, junk removal exists as a premium service. The idea of junk removal is that a crew of professionals will come to you, remove the unwanted clutter from your property, and dispose of it for a fee.

While the idea of junk removal is alluring for many, some may worry about prices and find themselves uncertain about whether it is right for them. How much should junk removal cost, anyway? Junk Masters is here to shed some light on this subject.

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How Junk Removal Prices are Set

Typically, when determining junk removal rates, companies consider a few primary factors:

  • Volume. You will find that most junk removal companies will charge you based on how much truck space your junk will use up. These companies often have varying price points depending on how much of a truckload was used, e.g. a quarter-load, a half-load, or a full load. Some companies may weigh the junk after it is loaded into the truck to determine what you owe, though this is less common.
  • Item Location. Of course, the location of an unwanted junk item can make it more or less difficult to remove. You can probably expect a refrigerator on your first floor to cost less to remove than a refrigerator on the third floor of an apartment building without an elevator. Extra time and extra effort equal extra money.

In addition to these factors, some other conditions may result in additional charges:

  • Extreme Item Weight. Some junk items are heavier than others (e.g. concrete). Some are so heavy, they might require special equipment and many crew members to remove from the property. In these cases, you may want to anticipate an upcharge for the additional labor. Some companies may reject extremely heavy items altogether.
  • Dumping and Recycling Fees. Certain items may incur a disposal fee. For example, an appliance that requires recycling will cost the junk removal company a certain amount of money to dispose of, and that fee will likely be passed onto you. Be sure to consider these fees and ask about them when arranging a junk removal appointment.
  • Gas. Sometimes, a junk removal company will agree to help you despite being a considerable distance away from your location. In these scenarios, the company may charge you more to help cover the extra gas usage. 

Minneapolis Junk Removal Cost

So, with all of that said, how much does it cost to haul away junk in the Twin Cities Metro Area? Our research shows that your typical junk removal service in Minneapolis will cost between $100 and $350. Which end of the spectrum your project leans towards will depend on how much junk you need to get rid of.

Many junk removal companies will provide you with a complimentary cost estimate over the phone. It certainly can’t hurt to ask around, learn more about the different junk removal companies in your area, and figure out their baseline pricing.

Feeling downtrodden about junk removal prices? While a premium junk removal service may seem expensive, consider that without that service, you would likely have to rent a truck and pay dump fees yourself. Add to that the personal time lost to do-it-yourself junk removal, and the convenience of a junk removal service begins looking very appealing.

Whatever you choose, you’re on the right path to getting rid of your junk! Best of wishes!

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