How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

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One of the questions we get the most is, “How do you set your junk removal prices?” The truth is that there are many factors that go into junk removal cost. From the size of the junk to where it is, we have to take everything into account when we quote the cost to haul away junk. Find out below how we make these decisions and how professional junk removal can help you!

Paying for junk removal services

Average Cost of Junk Removal

When you’re looking to have you junk hauled away, you might search for the average cost of junk removal. However, that might not be as helpful as you’d think. Junk Masters picks up everything from a single couch to a whole property full to the brim with junk. Other times, our junk pickup cost might be higher because of a hard-to-reach location. The best way to find out is to contact us for a free estimate. Even better, we can offer a customized quote with no cost or obligation.

Which Services Cost More?

Our day-to-day junk removal services are typically priced by how much space junk takes up in our trucks. There are certain items, like concrete, that take up a lot more labor than average. That’s why your construction removal cost, for example, might be higher than that of a furniture removal job. Maybe we’re cleaning out your attic and have to squeeze through a narrow opening, so those costs would be higher as well. Our goal is always to stay in your price range, but certain items and services just require a more.

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How Pricing Works

We understand that junk removal cost is a factor. Here’s how we decide what to charge:

  • Send us a picture and we’ll offer a free estimate based on size, location, and amount of junk.
  • Want a more accurate idea? Just schedule an appointment so we can see what you need.
  • Our team is experienced enough that we can quote accurately when we are able to see what you need.
  • What we quote is what you pay, so you’ll know the junk removal cost ahead of time.

Do you want to know what your junk pickup cost might be? Call for an estimate today!

Declutter with Junk Masters

We’re excited to see how we can help with your junk removal needs! With this knowledge of how we price, you can decide what really needs to go and how to prioritize your decluttering projects.

Looking for more articles like this? Visit our blog for more junk removal tips! 

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