Project Description

Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal & Donation

Are you stuck with an old couch or armoire that you would like to get rid of? Here at Junk Masters, we understand that it can be difficult to remove old furniture items all by yourself. That’s why our team is here to offer full-service furniture removal! When you hire us, you will never have to lift a finger; our professional team will take care of you every step of the way, so you don’t have to throw out your back trying to haul your own furniture all by yourself.

Some of the furniture we remove includes:

  • Mattresses

  • Beds

  • Sofas

  • Chairs

  • Dressers

  • Desks

  • Box Springs

  • Love Seats

  • Tables

  • Hutches

  • Cabinets

  • Bookshelves

  • Sleeper Sofas

Who Is Junk Masters?

Based out of Minnetonka, Junk Masters is a full-service team of junk removal experts operating in the Minneapolis area. We believe firmly in eco-friendly junk removal practices. Because of this, when you hire us to take care of your furniture removal appointment, we will bring your furniture to a local donation center. What’s more, we’ll even provide you with a donation receipt afterward!

Let’s Get Started on Your Furniture Removal Appointment

If you’re ready to have those old, bulky furniture items out of your home for good, it’s time to get in touch with the junk removal team that you can feel good about. To begin scheduling with Junk Masters, simply call us or use our handy online scheduling tool. We will start by serving you a no-obligation estimate, followed by a 2-hour arrival window. When we arrive at your home, we will follow up our estimate with a firm quote. Simply give us the go-ahead and we’ll get started right away!