Project Description

Smart Donation Pickup & Drop off

We Make Donating Easy

We understand it can be difficult to find a charity that will accept and pick up all your items for donation at one time or at a time that can work with your schedule.

When you choose Junk Masters, our Smart Removal & Recycling team will take all of your items. We will sort your items and then deliver them to the appropriate local charity.

Donation Pickup Services

Junk Masters Donation Process

After our charity partners accept your items as a donation we will send you the donation receipts within 15 days. Any items that cannot be donated will be recycled or re-purposed if possible.

Donation Services

Making a Difference Together

We believe making it easy, makes a difference. Saving you time, reducing confusion to maximize the donations that make it back into our community and minimizing our impact on the environment.

A Few of our Partners