Project Description

Construction Waste

Smart Construction Waste Removal

Whether you’re a local construction professional in the Minneapolis area or a homeowner recovering from a messy DIY project, you will likely understand the hassle that comes with trying to deal with your own construction waste. Why go through all that hassle when you could be trusting the professionals to handle your construction waste removal for you? Junk Masters is a local junk removal team that is committed to taking care of the environment and our community.

Construction Waste Recycling and Donation:

Because our community is so important to us, we do everything we can to donate items that are in good enough condition and recycle everything else. This keeps our construction waste removal service eco-friendly!

At Junk Masters we will haul away any non-hazardous construction waste. Our team has handled all types of construction debris including:

  • Steel

  • Wood

  • Concrete

  • Tile

  • Flooring

  • Shingles

  • Nails

  • Windows

  • Bricks

  • Sheetrock

  • Plywood

  • Debris

Ready to Get Started?

It’s time to get rid of all that construction waste in your home! If you’re a construction professional, we would love the opportunity to team up with you. To get started on your construction waste removal appointment with Junk Masters, simply give us a call or visit our Contact page. Alternatively, you can even schedule online if you’re ready to get started right now!