Project Description

Smart Appliance Recycling With Junk Masters

Old appliances laying around? It can be difficult to move old heavy appliances. Our friendly appliance removal service will come to your home or business, and haul away your old appliance(s) from anywhere on your property.

  • Refrigerators & Freezers

  • Stoves & Ovens

  • Washing Machines & Dryers

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Air Conditioners

  • Water Heaters

  • Miscrowaves

Our uniformed and insured junk removal team is ready to help. We are committed to removing and recycling your appliances properly, and always avoiding the landfill.

After we remove your appliance(s) we will take it back to our recycling facility where we will determine if it can be donated to charity or if it has to be recycled.

Some appliances contain hazardous waste. These hazardous components include PCBs, mercury, and compressor oil, which must all be removed in order to properly dispose of the appliance.